by Stuart O'Connor

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Genre: Singer-Songwriter,

'Bright' is the 3rd of 4 albums all released on the same day as a part of the 'Go Forth Bright Scenic' project.

4 Albums - 4 Formats.

USB Drive, CD, Cassette Tape & 2 X Vinyl LP.

'Bright' was released physically as a Tape Cassette with extra songs and even one song recorded live direct to each individual tape.

Order the Physical Cassette from here:

Each album has a running time of 44mins excluding bonus material which comes with the physical versions.

'Bright' is A Result of many various recording sessions on and off the road between 2006 and 2012.

Concluded by Craig Harris in 2012 with assistance from Stuart O'Connor


released October 1, 2012

1. Ace Cloned
2. Slow Start
3. Ons
4. Compromise
5. She is your Microscope
6. Bold Bright
7. That Cough You Gave Me
8. Contact Approved
9. Probably
10. Modern Life
11. Success Aint What They Teach / Bright Scenic Reprise
12. Navigate (Feat Craig Harris)
13. All Suspense

My thanks go to Craig for his openness for free flowing ideas and
willingness to work against the clock and the elements.

Track 2 and 3 recorded by Ollie George in Brighton, England -
additional production by Craig Harris. Track 4 recorded and mixed by
Shane Reinhard at Magnetic Sound Factory, Sydney, Australia -
additional production by Craig Harris. Track 13 Recorded by James
Harrison - additional production Craig Harris.

All other tracks Recorded by Stuart O'Connor

Recorded at a number of locations in the UK and Australia.

Album artwork

(Front and Back) Taken by Geoff Budd
- In Tawharanui, New Zealand

1. Ace Cloned

Written by Stuart O'Connor, Dave Smale and Craig Harris

Keys / Synth - Dave Smale
Signals - Craig Harris
Ebow Guitars - Stuart O'Connor

2. Slow Start

Written By Ollie George and Stuart O'Connor

Keys / Percussion / Ukulele - Ollie George
Synth - Chris Hollis
Chimes / Guitar / Bottles & Slooshes / Harmonica - Stuart O'Connor

3. Ons

Written By Ollie George and Stuart O'Connor

Keys / Bass - Ollie George
Drums / Keys - Craig Harris
Guitar / Vocals / Bass - Stuart O'Connor

4. Compromise

Written By Stuart O'Connor

12 String Guitar - Craig Harris
Guitar / Vocals - Stuart O'Connor

5. She Is Your Microscope

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Backing Vocals - Julia Bell
Violin - Rachel Steadman
Piano - Dave Smale
Synth - Craig Harris
Guitar / Vocals / Glockenspiel / Percussion - Stuart O'Connor

6. Bold Bright

Written By Stuart O'Connor and Dave Smale

Piano / Organ - Dave Smale
Violin - Rachel Steadman
Flute - Amy Lazzerini
Vocals / Guitar - Stuart O'Connor

7. That Cough You Gave Me

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Trumpet - Vicky Flint
Mandolin - Joel McDermot
Guitar / Vocals / Banjo / Slide Resonator Guitar / Mandolin - Stuart O'Connor

8. Contact Approved

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Saxophone - Roger Pride
Banjo / Vocals / Percussion / Field Recording - Stuart O'Connor

9. Probably

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Chimes / Vocals / Guitar - Stuart O'Connor

10. Modern Life

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Trumpet - Vicky Flint
Double Bass - Riad Abji
Piano / Drums - Craig Harris
Guitar / Vocals - Stuart O'Connor

11. Success Ain't What They Teach

Written By Stuart O'Connor and Dave Smale

Backing Vocals - Julia Bell
Piano - Dave Smale
Autoharp - Joe Davin
Vocals / Guitar / Beach Recording - Stuart O' Connor

Bright Scenic Reprise

Written by Stuart O'Connor

Voice - Marcus Harley
Broken piano / Signals - Craig Harris
Chimes - Stuart O'Connor

12. Navigate

Written by Stuart O'Connor and Craig Harris

Craig Harris - Guitar / Vocals / 8-Bit Drums / Drums / Bamboo Flute /
Synth / Strings / Piano / Glitches / Santoor
Stuart O' Connor - Guitar / Vocals / Chimes / Bass / Guitar FX

13. All Suspense

Written by Stuart O'Connor and James Harrison

James Harrison - Piano / Fuzz Piano Treatment
Craig Harris - Strings
Stuart O'Connor - Vocals / Chimes


all rights reserved



Stuart O'Connor UK

1600 shows in 8 years and counting as a full time touring musician.

7 tours in Japan, 5 in New Zealand, Netherlands & Italy, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, France, Poland &
one off tours in S.Korea, Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland & Thailand aswell as numerous trips round the UK.

Stuart has carved a living & has attracted offers from record labels but has chosen to remain independent.
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Track Name: Ons
I said stop

We've got a problem coming on

We gotta wait

Or else we wont last long
Track Name: Compromise
Dissolve the time spent wasted
Have a little peace inside
Your snow globe is getting settled
Take some time to enjoy the ride

Your show home meets the standards
Appearances do well to defy
Although inside I'm stranded
I have faith in the how and why

And that's why I think this could work
I'll take the wheel but you'll still drive
Direction is not important
We'll navigate with compromise
Until we know we've landed
Until we know to trust our minds
We'll keep on with this rambling
To a place that we can recognise

And I see the optimist breathing in me
And I feel the realist wants to agree

And now I'm a lost romantic
But I feel the possibilities
You could say our fate is tantric
You could say you feel at home with me
Track Name: She Is Your Microscope
Soldier on says entitlement
You're entitled to what you've earnt
Soulseek songs they are guiding you
Is there need to pay a toll?

Just hum the tune

You were quick to take him on his help man
You were quick to call him less american
You were quick to claim just where your heart stands

(It stands alone)

You were quick to rely on others for plans
You were quick to take her where you wanna go
You were quick to claim it all as romance

(She Is Your Microscope)

Track Name: Bold Bright
Bold bright
There's change in what we see
Old ties
Were we really that angry?

So shall we dance?
Shall we cheer?
So shall we raise our toast to thee?
Now advance
Have no fear
Pure positivity

Kerouac's sadness
caught in a mantra
You can call it what you like
Take the spirit
Capture the rambles
And make them songs

Don't head the warnings
Don't scoff the solutions
This is where you belong
Do you reply?

Tread so light across the parallels you can't abide
Tread so light across the parallels you can decide to leave far behind
Track Name: That Cough You Gave Me
That cough you gave me is still lingering in my throat
And every now and then I choke
And think about what might have been
You kinda saved me in a funny kinda way
For I'd been wandering like a stray so long I was looking for a lead

And you know I cannot stay
And you know I have to leave
And you know I cannot be what you need

Desperado's ramble at a certain kind of pace
Enough to lose without a trace
From all the lessons we have seen
But we get so damn tired of all this constant place to place
are we always on the chase?
There ain't nothing so obscene

And I know you cannot chase
And I know you cannot leave
And I know you cannot be what I need.
Track Name: Contact Approved
So you wait
You laugh
You love
You signal out
You're thinking of
You make a move
So brave of you
Contact approved
She moves into
You stop for air
Is it hot in here?
Can you cop a feel
Do you really dare?

It's ok she says
You're free to roam
You grab the flesh
You hold it firm

It's ok he says
I'm right for you
You're right for me

They're ok they say
With nudity
For tonight
At least tonight

We've come so far to get here
We've had so much to say
Now can we put this talk away
It's time to out and play
We've felt anticipation
And doubt along the way
Now there's nothing more to say
It's time to out and play
Let's out and play

You wake one hour before the sun
Your brain creates it's own re runs
She'll wake up soon
What will she do
You hope she feels the same as you
Track Name: Probably
You can argue all your findings into exhibits A to Z
As if I need reminding that we once had shared a bed
But you broke my heart so now I'm only singing to me

So would I have it all again?
And would I have it all again?

So relentless in my nature
so pathetic in my goal
No hope of finding saviour
No hint of self control
But you broke my heart and you did it with such generosity

Would I have it all again?
And would I have it all again?
Track Name: Modern Life
I waste time
Believing my lies
Are true
So you
Don't cry

And I steal thoughts
From people and talks
That I meet
But they're not me
They're not mine

And where are we this time?
And can we see through this modern life?

And we open our eyes
Every once in a while
And we open our minds
Just enough
To know that there is denial

And where are we this time?
And can we see through this modern life?
Track Name: Success Ain't What They Teach / Bright Scenic Reprise
And so I walk the streets
(As you do)
Hungry for a feast
(As you do)
My footsteps form a beat
The pacing of my feet
An urgent rhythms destinations due

And so I chase the sun
(As you do)
There's battles lost and won
(As you do)
December on the beach
Success ain't what they teach
There's an urgency to keep perspective new

And when I hit stagnation
(As you will)
I recollect my motivation
(As you must)
There's a joy in following my own path
I must cry but I also must laugh
Life's too short to compromise what's true

When will I face up to myself
I'm running scared from fading health
I shrug the role maturity and cower from responsibility
Behind my moat I'll claim to be but really I'm just lost at sea
Drifting in a one man canoe
Miles from land and miles from you
And I'd like to come and thank you
But it's too deep to cast anchor
So I'll write this rhyme and hope that it gets through
Track Name: Navigate (Feat. Craig Harris)
The labyrinth twists
The labyrinth turns
This maze is not for you

But you must live
And you must learn
To navigate the truth

Do you stray to where you know there is trouble
Do you worry they will burst your bubble
Distance kept
You know you don't belong

Do you jump before you're pushed too far
Do you cower from the edge of who you are
Try not to let your guard down now

Will you find your way through?

Sure you're falling apart but you crumble a trail
Trace the cracks in your heart to see how you fell
Track Name: All Suspense
You've given up the night
You've given up this sickness
You've given up the way you were back then

You've given up the fight
You've given up skin thickness
You've given up and brushed off all suspense.

And do you harbour a conflict
Do you answer the next call
Do you say it's a concept
That you're still here at all

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