Good Times With Evil

by Stuart O'Connor

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3rd album by Stuart O'Connor

Again a heavy influence from the road with many of the songs originally demo's during sessions in Australia and Japan.

This album in particular was a progression for the Stuart but also for his band.

A change in line up brought in Progressive rock drummer Leon Camfield to the fold. By this point the band had been playing together for 2 years and the gelling of the musicians was starting to show as 90% of this album was recorded live in the studio.


released September 20, 2010

Produced by Chris Hollis with assistance from Stuart O'Connor

Recorded at Midnight Moth Studios, London

Mastered by Chris Hollis

Album artwork taken by Rob Mchale rob.macca at

Taken in Watford , UK



all rights reserved


Stuart O'Connor UK

1600 shows in 8 years and counting as a full time touring musician.

7 tours in Japan, 5 in New Zealand, Netherlands & Italy, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, France, Poland &
one off tours in S.Korea, Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland & Thailand aswell as numerous trips round the UK.

Stuart has carved a living & has attracted offers from record labels but has chosen to remain independent.
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Track Name: Fear Not, All Your Answers Will Be Questioned
Clear your head for once you fool and focus on the song
Everyone here knows the difference between right and wrong
Preaching to the converted is all well and good
Whilst they're nodding along
But the broken record sound isn't really catching on

So desperate and displeased but never really in need
Isn't so much a stance
Listen to yourself breath and hope that others
Breath in time and take the chance
Your breath is the breeze that bends and sways the
Influence of how the cards of fate play
To do nothing is to throw yourself away

You're a posh boy not some hippie man leading
There are no slums there is no real meaning
You're the middle ground of parental dependancy
You're the well spoken housed in comfort
You're irrelevant beyond absurd
You're the voice without an excuse to speak to me

I will maintain my right to remain
I will not change for you

I'm a soft touch not abrasive in leading
There are no slums or mansions but we all search for meaning
I'm the middle ground of guilt and luxury
I'm the well spoken word of comfort
I'm the lost and found but still absurd
I'm the justification to be free
Track Name: Cage is Rattling
Blown tires broken wires
Cage is rattling
Fish hook one look
Who's exaggerating

No way
You ain't been paying attention

Henpecked to respect
Almost always flattering
There's a fetish for fine lines
And an edge not to trust

Insecurity is his issue with society
Track Name: Good Times With Evil
A case dismissed is gonna let the letters fall away
I hope you understand
It was his master plan
He let it rip so subtle
That the ripples are still mutters
They need a dusting down
They need someone to shout
The truth hides deep in this town

He resonates his shame in such a tidy way
His beak is pointing down
His head is underground
His feathers are still ruffled
His pride is in a bubble
Such needs to look around
He can't see fate is bound
The truth hides deep in this sound

The cash stretched as far as the ear could hear
Reverb resonates through the spaces in our fears
We let it slip so subtle
That our visions are still muffled
I followed lust for hours
We traded in on our powers

Please a little silence for what was
Please a little grace for what is
We'll sign your petition
But in a world of repetition
For now we toast to mutterings
Track Name: Map of Shibuya
The wayward signs point directly to your broken lines
The ball you dropped hits the periphery of another time
3 weeks back in blighty and you're feendishly lost inside
You have a map of Shibuya to see you out the other side

Your defenses took perspective and put it by the wayside
The fuel you find helps to medicate your active mind
But then it seems by morning you are thinking back in real time
You have the memories of Chiba to help yourself to realise

that you're gonna be fine

Umegaoka Hello!
Harajuku Hello!
All these memories Hello!
Wont you help me Hello!

Yearning Like never before
And Now you want more
But you can't have it
No you can't have it
Track Name: Pish
Recompense says the salesman as he buttons up his fly
He says this is what you would do if you were I
Make some sense says the headstone of the man who didn't try
But he sure did look good in a shirt and tie

6 Billion piece puzzle makes you wonder where to start
But if you keep the pieces separate you can call them art
Altruistic says the mystic who's insightful till the end
If you still don't believe me we can play pretend

Wake me up
With the power of suggestion
Give it up
For an accurate selection

Wake me up before I sleep now is the deus of the mind
In a bar under the sea is where you'll find
All those little arithmetic's and shuffling lines
At their peak dare you seek to read the signs
Oh wait do you hear what I say
You made the rules so surely you can play
Yet we batten down the hatches and pretend that we are blind
And I thought that we were meant to be human kind
Track Name: Revisited
Skip skip shuffle shuffle
As he sits and runs his own little gauntlet of patience
Delays and catastrophes revisited
As space limitations flitter and flutter
With the coming and the going
And only ever twisting conversation with said self could alter

It's the complacent young in the semi-retired hum
Of the sheen blue screen and the downtime based conundrum
They dig the dirt for that spark that they used to find in parks before
Circuit boards and digits used to occupy their figits

Yes there's work to be done
To differentiate the milling from the mulling
and the living from the lulling
It's a conundrum based on downtime if we even have that long
You could call it superstition but there's a lack of recognition
in just where I might belong
So pick pick subtle subtle come the quiz questions that gather in a circle vicious enough to scare even the dullest senses into action
A stir has been caused now that has festered too long
A back of the brain strain left to niggle away like a song

On your marks get set go seems to be the hook line
Right or wrong

But the starting gun hasn't made it's snap
It was swapped with the finishing line in a trade
That was played down so long ago
You can't even be sure you should be thinking about it anymore

But none the less you can't deny that you were told
So you stay in your best dress just incase somebody
Suddenly calls your number.

So undeterred you try your hand at a routine lost and found
In a place deep underground
A few bits are borrowed but the bulk is owned
And at least it's getting you by
Track Name: Streetlight Song
You wait behind the lines
You say the fault is in the times
You plead but you conscience don't belong
Whatever happened to the streetlight song

So we paced round the places we had been
You told of how at times your eyes were green
I confessed what I thought rapport had won
Whatever happened to the streetlight song

Our time is worth it's wait in money
I almost lost myself and called you honey
We could say it's love but we haven't given notice
So let's just say for now we are conveniently emotive-

vation it hides in logics wake
It's a simple song that helps a complex phase
Subtle go the lines that we have sung
Whatever happened to the streetlight song
Track Name: ...And That Doesn't Happen...
By the time it took my mindset to alter it's course
I had begun a regime of refined remorse
It took days at first to calculate just where I'd gone wrong
And though it tied my head in knots
They were bows all along

For the gift of realisation is a prize rarely won
And the gravity of the lesson didn't hurt as it could've done
So I'm sending forth my gratitude
In the shape of this song
You made a stubborn mind realise
That it could just be wrong

And that doesn't happen often

A revolution over stubborn apathy
Is a simple application of modern democracy
But it's how the rugs pulled from under our feet
So we just lie and gaze at stars never minding deceit
But the steps towards rebelling are more than theory
We get up
We dust down
We start shifting our feet
till the mindset that we capture has embraced simplicity
Independence in stature to simply disagree

But that doesn't happen Easily
Track Name: Dare We Claim Victory
Now, Instigate the debate, wait till we're found
With our hands in our pockets underground
Show your teeth with belief in this sound
Through the holes comes the sun

War, Pick a side, hope you're right and what for?
There will always be a borderline
More Cries for blood cries a plenty when its pawns
who will occupy the battle lines

Dare we wait till we found
Dare we fight with apathy
Dare we wait till a decade has come around
Dare we claim victory
Dare we wait till the waste has emased
Dare we hide the debree
Dare we claim victory

The Situation deepens as the plot it thickens as it is as it was as it
always will
So to a place where the ashes remain
Just stories and shadows
Wood, Cloth and bone; next to luxury items behind glass
Exhibits to a time that shouldn't last
Paradise lost to say the least
please don't mess with nature for nature is the beast
Organic like the plague
A morbid statistic, our time is our age
So hibernate into a head of swollen thoughts
like some humdrum ritual you play with what you've caught
And when the ashes take their bow
we'll sigh at the news with our eyes looking down
Track Name: Us Them And The Middle Men
Discretion appears to be the flavour of the month
What is said and what is meant not need be matching up
All this anonymity appears to be the makings of tough love

So choices made by facts remain the strongest of the two
Forgive me if I relapse into a diatribe of truth
But refreshment call that these dirty walls need
Gloss to finish off my point of view

The world lapses into the digital age
With flurry but without haste
The truth hides now in mega bytes there's not a click to waste
Tomlinson or New Orleans won't hesitate to justify the case

And we were all there

Dropkick in the atomic age with a particle divide
We'll play with fire and hone the spark and then we'll burn alive
No need to grab our camera phones
No need to upload from our wireless drive

Cause we will all be there
Track Name: Sleep Tight
The reason you gave me wasn't good enough
But I accepted it none the less
As I always seem to do
When I'm at your address

And so you think you're justified
Cause you felt so disadvantaged from the start
But I say this game is how you play it but you
Just take your circumstance as a second chance

It must have seemed so easy
Telling tales that get taller by the day
I watched you execute
A trust left so abused
And then you made your getaway

So when the heat came round the corner
You dropped your moral values and you ran
You ran to where they couldn't point the finger
And you conscience sang

Sleep tight you fickle trickster
Sleep while alarm bells ring
For you'll always deceive
With that trick up your sleeve
Of being a liar and a thief

Sleep tight you dirty fucker
Sleep while your family shun
You with such distain
You're pinky she's the brain
You'll get yours when Karma comes.
Track Name: Watching Paint
Wait right there,
Don't you dare,
Tell me it's not true

You stood in line
Wasted so much time
So it will come to you

And it's true
It'll come to you

So meet me there
So we can stare
Together at the wall

I'll turn to you
Say there's nothing new
Nothing's changed at all

And it's true
It'll come to you

There's no guarantee
Nothing's as it promises to be
But you're not waiting for me

Do you feel lucky?

What is it that you're waiting for?