'Autonomous Debut'

by Stuart O'Connor

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Recorded in 2005/6. For Stuart 'Autonomous Debut' Was a step in a new direction after 6 years of constant shows with Progressive Rockers 'My Pet Junkie'. 16 tracks which featured a great array of guest musicians who helped sculpt a record that 2BOB.co.uk called "Gentle, powerful, uplifing...quite simply a stunning Debut."

'Wake Up Call' from the record was also chosen as Single of the Week by Lemonrock.com.


released April 30, 2006

Roger Pride – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

Dave Smale - Piano

Katie Brayben - Cello, Piano

Leon Camfield – Electronic Percussives

Julia Bell – Bass

Sarah Malleson – Flute, Low Whistle

Rachel Steadman – Violin

Nick Hall – Bass, Violin

Ryan Hunt – Double Bass

Stuart O'Connor – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Voice, percussion

All songs written and recorded by Stuart O’Connor @ Midnight Moth Studios, Hertfordshire, England.

Mastered by John Mercer @ Riverrun Studios Bedfordshire, England www.riverrunstudios.co.uk



all rights reserved


Stuart O'Connor UK

1600 shows in 8 years and counting as a full time touring musician.

7 tours in Japan, 5 in New Zealand, Netherlands & Italy, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, France, Poland &
one off tours in S.Korea, Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland & Thailand aswell as numerous trips round the UK.

Stuart has carved a living & has attracted offers from record labels but has chosen to remain independent.
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Track Name: Wake Up Call
You woke me up just to say,
There are reasons why you don't complain.
You woke me up just to prove,
There are reasons why you'd want to lose.

The bitter heights.

You woke me up just to say,
You hope you don't steal the show.

There you are,
Where am I?

The comfort of hidden joy,
The silence of broken stones.
It's taken by it's own delight,
It's reeling from it's overtones.

The bitter heights.

You use your voice to set me up,
You use your voice to bring me home.
Track Name: Designed To Stop
You're caught in a rushed head rush,
You're caught in a mood,
You're mindset is a must of distrust,
Your fear is your fuel.

There's no space to breath this deep,
There's no space to choose,
The cracks start to leak,
The pressure you keep not to lose.

D-E-S-I-G-N-E-D To Stop.

You never give up,
You never forgive,
You never take time to do nothing with.

Your mind scans the plot,
For the things you forgot,
You'll leave them till tomorrow
because you're designed to stop.
Track Name: Make A Little Silence
Breaking Ties and pushing boundaries such a lonely thing to do, Open wide your new direction you don't know what you've got coming to you.

Stagnant theories lost citations leaving nothing more can prove, Minor breaths and distant half lines will this answer ever come on through.

Stop Wait,
Make a little silence,
Stop wont you wait and make a little silence.

Keep the magic alive,
If you cannot show it how are you gonna know it is a reason to survive.
Keep on pushing high,
Misery makes mistakes and then he waits for you to fumble when you try.
Track Name: City At Night
Sleep By Your Strangers Side,
Comfort, Your confidence survives misery.
And that means everything to me.

The Back Streets and bruised scrap yards,
Where the kids meet, Share their battle scars
Honesty, Means Nothing more to me.

Segregation begins, Seperate the sleeping from lonely.
You come to the night, Will your mind take flight or will you enter your prime.

So stay awake through the city nights, make your handshake with the blackened light mystery, Has always appealed to me.

Will you stay away from the bruised scrap yards, Will you congrigate, in the late night bars either way. You choose night time over day.
Track Name: Results Are Classified
The situation deepens as the plot it thickens from somewhat where you are.
The Manner that I'm speaking is a touch defeatist but that's just how I saw it.

So keep, that picture that you had in mind,
Don't throw yourself away to find,
You'll constitute such sadness,
This is just a test of time.

But I'm afraid results are classified.

You and me and this,
It takes the piss,
I know you know what I'm saying,
Cause it's 1-2-3 you pin me you get the win can we please agree.
Track Name: Paragraph 3 Subsection B
Figures all need investigation,
Ask lawyers what generates the revenue,
If he fails to deliver then you can tell his mum.

So tell him all you need is promo or else the music spreads in slow mo.
Figures all need investigation before it's deal done.

So ask,
All the questions that you need without feeling stupid.
Tell him,
That you know your rights whilst still staying elusive,
Termination clause I recommend a pause,
Don't spiel through this too fast,
You're still performing now so show him how you eat this shit for breakfast.

Position of a man who is a legal entity,
What happens if he splits and becomes a real schizo freak,
No date for end,
No witness to sign,
Wait a minute sir you know less than I.
And what about that paragraph 3 subsection B you'll make no fool of me.
No gross reciept,
No acknowledgement of tax,
Don't pull the wool on me you're no good at that.

So Ask,
All the things that you need,
Don't you be concerned or worried about greed,
You're still performing so show him how you eat this shit for breakfast,
And he might believe you.
Track Name: Headlights
So Ani now maybe you were right this time,
I'm in a origami state of mind,
You can unfold and help me to unwind.

Be careful of the messages I've left behind,
I scribble them down and then I change my mind,
There's a beauty that we can hide behind.

Paper beats stone but why am I competing with this,
Leave me alone nobody's been defeatist in bliss and you don't know what scissors missed.

So stop when the headlights shine your way and then you say,

This is not what I want from life.
Track Name: Nothing Left To Prove
You complicate the situation when you falsify aggravation for us all.
Gravitate towards another problem and make attempts to get on top of them for what it's worth.
Because a problem shared is a problem halved but you just point the finger till the problem's worse and we've all messed up.
This isn't black or white this isn't rich or poor but if you call your army you can have a war and we'll see this stop.

Cause this is me and you, and I've got nothing left to prove.

Is it essential that we have this round will the skies cave in and come tumbling down if we called a truce.
For it makes so much sense to try and work this out there really aint a need to go and scream and shout about what's old news.
But I've read the headlines on the 'you & you' they read in big bold letters there was nothing you could do but be forced to act.
And so evasive action is what you took with a heavy handed manner and a sharp left hook and then that was that.
Track Name: Natural Disasters
You are like a little earthquake in my mind,
And I can't help but feel like I'm rumbling inside,

And you are like a mild tornado in my gut,
And I can't help but feel like my roots are torn up, I wish this could stop.

My oh my,
Is there time to run and hide?
Is there time to testify?

You are like a quaint volcano in my soul,
And I can't steer this temperament away from your goal,
I want you whole.

My oh my,
Is there time to hesitate?
Is there time to evacuate?
Track Name: This Compound
This compound, it's reeling left and right, it's outta sight.
This Rebound, it's been bouncing high and low.
Which way is it going to go.

This Compound, We've been shaking off our thoughts, Like we don't feel, like this aint real.
And you said, that if you aint here, then I aint there, then we aint anywhere.

And you said once before, that if we felt like this once more then we would do something about it.
Track Name: Time and Places
You wait till the daylights gone before you make your move.
The night is when you're feeling good enough to get things right.

so pick me up now and spit me out,
As if I know or even care just what you talk about.
Give me time to say my side, hell I might be wrong but it's just a matter of pride.

And please,
Stay with me tonight.

Time and places makes no difference to me.
Because I say, This is where I'll stay now.
With blessed opinions we're inclined to disagree,
But all aside, I'm only in your way now.
I see my mirror image, getting things right,
I'm feeling so empty, my head has never felt so light,
Meet me by the place where I first met you,
Help me get around this my body's never felt so bruised before.
Track Name: Because
Take me as you are,
If it's not too far,
We can stay together for a while,
And reap our own denial.


And now I'm just a fool,
Now I'm just a broken fool,
Who can't say,
I can stick to my only rules.