The Distance From Here

by Stuart O'Connor

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Stuart O'Connor's 2nd Album

A result of the culture shock that has come from the first 2 years as a full time musician.

Songs that shift in comfort as the constant transience of the road has left its impression.


released March 30, 2008

Produced by Chris Hollis with assistance from Stuart O'Connor

Recorded at Midnight Moth Studios, Hertfordshire, UK

Except Track 8 recorded by Yasir Alani at Alchamea Studios, Islington, London

Mastered by Andy Black at Studio Slim, London

Cover Photography by Rob Mchale rob.macca at

Taken at Club 85, Hitchin, UK



all rights reserved


Stuart O'Connor UK

1600 shows in 8 years and counting as a full time touring musician.

7 tours in Japan, 5 in New Zealand, Netherlands & Italy, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, France, Poland &
one off tours in S.Korea, Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland & Thailand aswell as numerous trips round the UK.

Stuart has carved a living & has attracted offers from record labels but has chosen to remain independent.
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Track Name: Side of the Road
Keep me out on a limb till I stop trying
Pulled up by the side of the road just let me sleep
And stop sighing
Maybe it's nice to see you again
But no matter how hard I try I always fail in being you friend

I'm pulled up by the side of the road just let me sleep
I'm pulled up by the side of the road just let me be.
Track Name: You Know The Score
In 17 seconds the slap head reckons
Is the time that it takes to make your blood thicken
In a matter of hours the global powers
Can wait no more to start pushing up flowers
In the wake of the burning your brain starts yearning
For a life that is ignorant of all this learning
In this state of existence you build up resistance
But a split moment lapse can rain on your persistence

And so you know you've been here before
No this aint no Déjà vu
Cause you know the score
And so you know you've been here before
And you know you're probably gonna
Be here some more
You'll be here some more

Stop says the sign
Does it mean forever or is it playing with your mind
Go faster says the grind
And so it grates like sand paper
Smoothing off your edges over time
Track Name: A Common Destination
Suck em and see says the man with the bee line
Headed behind him no need to remind him
This is where the money goes tonight
This is where the people show their bad side

Don't kiss and tell say the people who smell
The fear in the street are the people who greet you
Come the time your spare change is stuck in wires
Come the time you wish you could just start a riot

Messed up pieces of the puzzle
Meaning less each time they muddle

Different receipts from all the places you've been
Plus the bits in-between were you living your dream or
Just denying the inevitable
Just denying feeling gullible

Messed up pieces of the puzzle
Meaning less each time they muddle
Messed up readings on the scale
They're made by you each time you fail
Messed up beats by respiration
We're headed to a common destination

You are
Track Name: Cotton Mill Greys
Evening deals pass like clockwork time
There's an underclass that helps to undermine
It's a bitter sweet rebellion kicking not too far
And not too hard this time

Winter breeze sticks in it's evil chill
And the people are wrapped in greys from the cotton mill
There's tenderness a plenty but it's not to sure weather this is an even keel

The summer seller paint with pastel cliches
And all the hippies are too busy making love to save the day
So it's up to you and me with our cotton mill greys to keep on
fighting for what we wanna say

So starbucks populate the overground
And the ring of tills becomes the only sound
And for every lost sensation there's a swinging corporation
Giving up its soul for dollars and pounds
Track Name: The Distance From Ear To Ear
We said we both wanted out
We said we both thought about

The problem is the distance I have from ear to ear
It offers me solutions that have no fear
But I'm thankful for things that I have not lost,
The moment they are gone I will know their cost

We said we'd figure it out
But we won't
We said we'd do all we can
Buit we don't

The problem is the distant I have from ear to ear
Well it offers me solutions that disappear
And then I make up a theory then disagree
I'm distrustful of a future that I can't see

And then you
You wake me up
(So we beat this slump by going inbetween)
And then you
You wish me no luck
(So we beat this slump by going inbetween)
And then you
You do me so wrong
(So we beat this slump by going inbetween)
And then you
You blink and I'm gone
(So we beat this slump by going in-between)

And then you go your way and I'll go my way and we will never meet
Track Name: Initiate
The relevance of this occasion goes by
The time it took for complications to unfreeze your mind
Leave a little alteration behind
Because it's only polite

The pool of ignorance holds us blind
We're shallow in the water but far from the sides
Help us swim in deeper
Help us learn to stabilise

The line it turns so crooked when we try to preach
The black spots are our markers for what we cannot reach
It's not what we had planned
We thought that our development could teach

The veil remains down without a trace
The chances are so few so please let us see that face
So we can look into your eyes
And you can look into ours without disgrace

Help us swim in deeper
Help us learn to radiate
Help us swim deeper
Help us learn to Initiate
Track Name: Blind Faith
Blind Faith you scuffle when you muffle consequence is but a shuffle
In this rat race too late says the man
He is trying to change your one demand
And so migrate eyes onto the border
Live it up breath it in take it down keep it in
And hibernate till you have the key till you have the route
Through this road they call reality

And so you know you've been here before
Déjà vu is still following you with a dried up thirst for more
And on closer inspection the need for reflection
Is a way to hide from your own imperfection
So give me the time to ask what is wrong
And give me the time to take the problem on
And give me the time to do arithmetic's
By looking under rocks and learning new tricks

And so you know there's been some silence made
You took the time to stop by design and now you don't feel so afraid
And with this new sense of freedom
You're sure that you don't need them
To tell you where you're going wrong
And tell you how to sing your song
So take up this knowledge and use it
Cause trends are the NME of music
Made by the types with vested interests
Who take all they can hold back the rest
Track Name: Reality & Pretence
When alone we can trade a kiss
And then disown it like it wasn't really intended
The jury's out on if I'm missed
But if I'm mistaken then I thought we had shared was bliss

It's a game I guess with a long haul rest bite in-between
It's a passing trend that dated so immediately
It's a candid moment that only you an I could see
And then it's gone

And now I wrestle with Infatuation again
The line is blurred between reality and pretence
It's no-ones fault and so resolve is all that can make a mens
When you're just good friends
Track Name: Spun
We break silence with some aggravated violence
It's a shame to hear the sound
And we break hearts and minds we feel it like no other kind
It's either that or drown
And we shape geography we cut out what we want and keep
I'll strip what's mine from the ground
And we make history by selling up what was once free
I'll match this world pound for pound

We've been suckered by the politicians
Keeping off the inquisitions telling us things are good
We've been fooled by the message keepers
Truth hides even deeper
Media is understood
We've been feeding of the enzymes and this time
They're disguised as past times
We've been busy having fun
Making sure the spin doctors
Are keeping our records spun

We've been busy chasing fast cars beating fuckers in bars
Looking out for number one
We've been shredding up the Ozone call it on your cell phone
Tell it that it's time is done
We've been style over content no time to repent
Your bling bling has blung
We've been busy having fun
Making sure the spin doctors
Are keeping our records spun

We've been co-operating take over have a label make over
The logo in this sheep is shorn
We've seen music via video T&A in stereo
Take it up the A and run
We've been running with a limp and trading with a
Pimp to play a game of limp or run
We've been busy having fun
Making sure the spin doctors
Are keeping our records spun
Track Name: Appellate
From apartment building backstreets from inside the promised land
Lost glory start reminiscing
And so the 'Midnight Moth' always the opportunist
Gives him the slip and makes for the freight train
With overcast shadows towards global the dark side maestro
Antagonises the fetishists
(To secure the profit system, to ensure we will always need them)
But a love letter has been written to the CEO
And while that lunatic stamps his authority on an unconvinced majority
Who shout
Hear me now
Change is afoot

The midnight moth is near the cargo bay
Acknowledging that corporation defined
Ceases to exist as a majority but continues to
React as an uncooperative mastermind
Temporary relocation has been deemed essential
And so the freight train maintains its course south along the line
Being merely an unannounced and undesired passenger
He maintains subtlety amongst passers by
Choosing to keep permissive
Despite lost glory's recent decline
The Midnight Moth finds refuge amongst the people left in transit
Claiming fragile
Expensive goods