by Stuart O'Connor

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Genre: Alternative, Experimental.

'Scenic' is the 4th of 4 albums all released on the same day as a part of the 'Go Forth Bright Scenic' project.

4 Albums - 4 Formats.

USB Drive, CD, Cassette Tape & 2 X Vinyl LP.

'Scenic' was released physically as a 2 X 12" Vinyl LP.

The second LP comes as a part of the Vinyl release only and features a 35 min live recording from Kobe, Japan. The recording features an mainly improvised collaboration with 'Haco' A musician for whom Stuart has found much inspiration in her work.

Order the Physical Double Vinyl LP from here:
bigcartel or my website.

Each album has a running time of 44mins excluding bonus material which comes with the physical versions.

'Scenic' was the final piece of the 'Go Forth Bright Scenic' project and so it is self produced and recorded. It is a hugely personal collection of songs and one that took Stuart 4 years to complete.

The album includes a sample from Fugazi and a cover of obscure Japanese underground artist Mogura Ka Maigo (The Lost Mole).

This is also the first time Stuart has self produced material since his first album 'Autonomous Debut' in 2006 and he has worked with the same team to mix and master the material for the first time since then.


released October 1, 2012

1. Clean Code
2. Normal Scheme of Things
3. One Schizophrenic
5. Organic (Like the Plague)
6. Time Lost Tradition / Bright Scenic Reprise
7. Eternally Grateful / The Penny Drop
8. Conversations
9. Your Guitar (Tsukinohi)

Produced by Stuart O'Connor

Mixed by Nick Hall Lazzerini and Stuart O'Connor

Mastered by John Mercer at Riverrun Studios, Bedfordshire, England

Recorded at a number of locations in the UK and Japan.

Album artwork

(Front and Back) Taken by Geoff Budd
- In Tawharanui, New Zealand

'The Penny Drop' and 'Conversations' feature excepts from interviews Collected between 2009 and 2012

The individuals interviewed were:

Paul Stanton, Geoff Chidley, Roger Pride, Jean O'Connor, Yvonne Atkinson, Eric Coppin, Gavin O'Connor, Maureen Fox, Neil O'Connor & Paul Hamilton

1. Clean Code

Written by Stuart O'Connor, Dave Smale and Craig Harris

Keys / Synth - Dave Smale
Signals - Craig Harris
Ebow Guitars - Stuart O'Connor

2. Normal Scheme of Things

Written by Stuart O'Connor and Vicky Flint

Trumpet and Flugelhorn - Vicky Flint
Acoustic Guitar and Voice - Stuart O'Connor

3. One Schizophrenic

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Features a sample from the song 'Closed Captioned' Written and
performed by Fugazi and taken from their Album 'End Hits'
Permission kindly granted for use by Discord Records.

Percussion - Leon Camfield
Keys - Dave Smale
Violin - Rachel Steadman
Flute - Amy Lazzerini
Bass - Nick Hall Lazzerini
Acoustic Guitar/Voice/Additional Percussion - Stuart O'Connor


Written By Stuart O'Connor

Piano - Dave Smale
Violin - Rachel Steadman
Log Drum/Bass Metallophone/Button Bells/Mandolin/Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Percussion/Electronic Beats/Monotron/Ebo Guitar and Voice - Stuart O'Connor

5. Organic (Like the Plague)

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Tenor Sax - Roger Pride
Guitar/Keys/Textures/Percussion/Voice - Stuart O'Connor

6. Time Lost Tradition

Voice - Nick Hall Lazzerini
Voice - Amy Lazzerini
Acoustic/Nylon string and Resonator Guitar/Chimes/Textures/Voice - Stuart O'Connor

Bright Scenic Reprise

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Violin - Rachel Steadman

7. Eternally Grateful

Written By Stuart O'Connor

Bass - Nick Hall Lazzerini
Voice - Julia Bell
Acoustic and Electric Guitar/Chimes/Percussion/Rhythm Synth/Voice - Stuart O'Connor

The Penny Drop

Written by Eric Gebow, Vicky Flint, Dave Smale, Stuart O'Connor

Omnichord - Eric Gebow
Trumpet - Vicky Flint
Piano / Synth - Dave Smale
Signals - Craig Harris
Bass - Nick Hall Lazzerini
Violin - Rachel Steadman
Ebow Guitars/Textures - Stuart O'Connor

8. Conversations

Written by Dave Smale, Stuart O'Connor, Roger Pride, Riad Abji

Piano - Dave Smale
Tenor Sax - Roger Pride
Double Bass - Riad Abji
Acoustic Guitar - Stuart O'Connor

9. Your Guitar

Written by Mogura Ka Maigo (Lyrics by Stuart O'Connor)

Mogura Ka Maigo (The Lost Mole) can be found here:

Voice - Julia Bell
Nylon String Guitar/Voice/Harmonica/Glockenspiel - Stuart O'Connor



all rights reserved


Stuart O'Connor UK

1600 shows in 8 years and counting as a full time touring musician.

7 tours in Japan, 5 in New Zealand, Netherlands & Italy, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, France, Poland &
one off tours in S.Korea, Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland & Thailand aswell as numerous trips round the UK.

Stuart has carved a living & has attracted offers from record labels but has chosen to remain independent.
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Track Name: Normal Scheme of Things
We've waited beyond the normal scheme of things
You've played your games and still it's all the same from here
As above now let the seems sow
As above I'll let you know

We've hated all these times hard and soft
You kept telling me and I kept yelling at you
For a change of heart from what is lost
As above now it's time for seeds to grow
I'm looking for love and I don't wanna fuck it up
Track Name: One Schizophrenic
The racket made stacks behind the sinus tires to lapse
The rest assured ravers rights of passage peak to the max
Safe in packs
We're all one schizophrenic
We're all flames we're all gas

Hone in
Zone out
What we're we talking about?

Again again!

But how we pay the toll
Track Name: MENO
Inaudible ranting!!!!!!!
Track Name: Organic (Like the Plague)
So to a place where the ashes remain
Just stories and shadows
Wood cloth and bone
Next to luxury items behind glass
Exhibits to a time that shouldn't last
Paradise lost to say the least
Please don't mess with nature for nature is the beast
Organic (Like the plague) a morbid statistic
Our time is our age
So hibernate into a head of swollen thoughts
Like some humdrum ritual you play with what you've caught
And when the ashes again take their bow
We'll sigh at the news with our eyes looking down.
Track Name: Time Lost Tradition / Bright Scenic Reprise
All coped up in my little white cell
I'm feeling fine degradation all the time separation
Leaves no-one to cll at this hour

Yet I sleep all day with nothing to say
I think in round repetition like a time lost tradition
Long ago you'd call now.

Soon they will discover it all
Soon they will know the truth
Soon they will have to return
Soon you'll see it too

There are no answers right and wrong
Only sane or insane ones
We won't explain till it's all done
Please remain calm and sombre till you are deemed healthy

Cause it's an area of grey to celebrate and lock away
You're out of line with the system
Stigmatised and dismissed but you know
You should be free.

But they haven't found me yet
But they always keep pace
But I don't feel a threat
And I won't leave a trace
Track Name: Eternally Grateful / The Penny Drop
So this song used to be instrumental before the weekend
But now I've had to give it words so I don't have to pretend
For years now I've been splashing around in the deep end
But my buoyancy comes from the help you give or else I'd descend


So I'll offer advice the times I'm nasty and not nice I never mean them
My signs of gratuity they come so sparingly but please believe them
Taken for granted you're not there's not a day that I don't stop to see that
You've been so loving to me and to say I ain't been easy is an understatement

I am eternally grateful
Track Name: Conversations
'Conversations' features excepts from interviews Collected between 2009 and 2012

The individuals interviewed were:

Paul Stanton, Geoff Chidley, Roger Pride, Jean O'Connor, Yvonne Atkinson, Eric Coppin, Gavin O'Connor, Maureen Fox, Neil O'Connor & Paul Hamilton
Track Name: Your Guitar (Tsukinohi)
Can't you see
You are our one
You know it hurts to linger on

Like a dream
You're here then gone
We never felt with moving on

We pick flowers
We dig dirt
We brush tears
We move earth
We're alone
We spend hours reading stone
30 years how we've grown
Do you know?

We chase time
We grow up
We get old
We learn loves mysteries
Open ways
Some will shut
10,000 days
All for what
Do you see?

Your guitar
It sings this song
You know it helps me be your son